Age Group: 2.5 - 3.5 Years

Duration: 2.5 hours per day

Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child. At Royalkingsland, the nursery curriculum provides the right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals. In Nursery, children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition, and problem-solving in a fun-filled but purposeful manner. Children are encouraged to corroborate their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science, and arts. It’s 12 months of wholesome learning, peppered with vacations and holidays. The curriculum is comprised of oral and written exercises, involving English (Aa – Zz), Numbers ( 1 to 50,) and a glimpse into My World – a host of activities tailored toresonatewithh t holistic development of lifeskills, and etiquette.

Key Areas in Nursery Curriculum:

  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Expression through art and drama
  •  Theme based Concept Time
  • Math and Language Skill Development
  • Opportunities for fine and gross motor development
  •  Promoting cognitive development

Activities Involved

  •  Sensory Time
  •  Story Time
  •  Water Play
  •  Sand Play
  •  Creative Time
  •  Library Time
  •  Celebration of festivals and special days
  •  Field Trips
  •  Puppet shows and skits
  •  Free Play with Technology Corner

Sensory & Perceptual Development

  • Can build a tower with 4-8 blocks.
  • Can distinguish the genders.
  • Can string the beads into the string.
  • Understands heavy/soft and makes appropriate facial expressions.
  • Stacks blocks, group items by category, or size and places objects in the proper place
  • Holds the scissors properly and can exert the right pressure.
  • Understands the concepts of heavy/light; smells; hard and soft; in and out; basic shapes; family.

Physical & Motor Development

  • Can move the hand and, body, and legs in co-ordination
    Can hold the pencil and exert the correct pressure to write.
  • Can throw a ball, and attempts to catch one, with both hands.
  • Actively participates in physical education
  • Has an overall better balance in everything they do, including walking, running, and everything that they do.
  • Can color in one direction for some time.
  • Catches a bounced ball most of the time with both hands.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Helps around the house with very simple tasks.
  • Gradually, becoming more independent
  • Tries to find simple ways to solve arguments and disagreements while playing
  • Shows (maybe by not name) a variety of emotions beyond happy, mad, or sad.
  • Shows a sense of humor; exhibits self-control; shares toy with others; learns to wait patiently in the queue.
  • Very conscious about own dress and personal cleanliness.

Spiritual & Moral Development

  • Can understand and feel sorry, doing something wrong; Shows love and care towards youngers
  • Listens attentively to the moral stories, mythological stories
  • Is very honest and speaks the truth even if a mistake has been committed; shows reverence and respect; Understands not to touch others’ belongingness.
  • Understand what is wrong/right to do.
  • Participates in all festivals, events, says a prayer, and shows respect to God.

Cognitive Development

  • Can imitate familiar or recent experiences in play (e.g. teddy goes to the doctor) with the actions being repetitive.
  • Can understand the purpose of numbers for counting objects, the correct sequence of activity, and the concept of counting.
  • Tries to remember parts of a story; familiar colors; identifies the missing numbers; points out above/below; loud/soft.
  • Correctly identifies the letters for example-J, O, Q, U even if written randomly.
  • Can recite the rhymes with actions.

Language Development

  • Can name pictures/objects when asked with clear words; name the parts of the body; say their name.
  • Asks ‘wh’ questions, like ‘why’, to be able to get more information about things
  • Tries to express in a single sentence while looking at the picture reading pages done
  • Tries to express about own self in broken sentences.
  • Makes up own stories a, seeing the pictures.
  • Demonstrates oral expression.

Creative Development

  • Likes to colour and does it within the outline
  • Can sing to the tune of their favourite song.
  • Shows interest in making the take always/ crafts.
  • Can dance in co-ordination
  • Shows a preference for favourite colours and styles of art ( e.g. child chooses orange marker or paint at nearly every artistic opportunity.)
  • Readily participates in decorations.

Play Group

Age Group: 1.5 - 2.5 Years Duration : 2.5 hours per day


Age Group: 2.5 - 3.5 Years Duration: 2.5 hours per day


Age Group 3.5 years to 5.5 Years Duration: 3.5 hours per day